Kahmunty Collective: Gifty Boakye for Douala

Gifty Boakye was born in the USA to parents who had immigrated from Ghana. At the age of 16 her dark complexion created drive and passion in her to begin to model and further to inspire young girls to love the skin they’re in. Now as a young entrepreneur and international model she aims to push boundaries and tap into markets worldwide.

I interviewed Gifty to find out more about her budding modelling career and her thoughts on our brand and its mission.


JA: Gifty! We're so excited to have you signing on as our first ever shade ambassador for our Kahmunity Collective! 

JA: Had you heard of Kahmune before I approached you?
No! Sadly I hadn’t heard of Kahmune but I fell in love with the brand as soon as you approached me.

JA: So you will be proudly representing the shade Douala! What does is mean to you to be part of The Collective? What qualities do you possess that tie into the brands mission?I’m proud to represent the Douala shade. My skin has brought out mixed feelings in me over the years but today I can proudly say I LOVE the skin I’m in- no matter what society or anyone says. I try to use my platform to remind young girls of this generation that they’re beautiful in their skin. I believe in the idea that we should celebrate the diversity of ALL.

JA: You're a model in New York, yes? Often times you're required to go to castings in very basic attire - many times nudes and neutrals. Has the idea of nude not being applicable to your skin tone been something you've thought about before? What does it mean to you to never have to worry about having
true nude shoe options again!
Nude to me has always been beige, the traditional idea of nude. Knowing that as a black model, a group that is still extremely underrepresented in the industry, that I can walk into acasting with a new kind of confidence is a great feeling. Joining the KAHMUNE family, I now know that my nude is not beige, it’s Douala! 


JA: As a model and a fashion lover, do you think the industry is changing in terms of diversity and inclusion? Still needs to change? What would you like to see?

The industry is definitely changing, but it has some ways to go. They get a “C+”for
inclusion and a “C“for diversity I'd say. High end brands are beggining to cast different kinds of people based on things such as character rather than looks and I feel like the “agency standard” is not as strict as it once was. I would like to see more diverse shades in campaigns and ads though! I wish more agencies would sign a variety of shades to allow the vets to continue to be great and still welcome hardworking, aspiring talent

JA: How would you describe the Kahmune Woman?
The Kahmune woman knows herself. Of course we are constantly learning new things in life, but the Kahmune woman takes on this journey with a special confidence knowing she adds value to any room by being her own person.

JA: You've been rocking the Becky Pump. What are your thoughts in terms of its comfort, look, etc? What style do you want to be rocking for spring/summer? What styles would you like to see from Kahmune in the future?
Pumps are tricky because they look amazing on, but comfort is usually last on your mind when rocking them ( ask Louboutin.) The Becky is comfortable, they’ve survived my NYC nights so they’re definitely keepers. I’ll def be rocking the Tasha Mule with Spring looks- I love those! I’d like to see some cute sneakers that I can wear as my go-to for the Summer/Fall.





JA: What fashion trends are you loving right now? Do you have any looks/accessories you sport irregardless of whether they're "trending" or not? 

I’m here for the off the shoulder trend, and also color blocking... really just the entire repetition of 90’s trends. You can always catch me in a basic skinny jean and tank because trending or not, those are my go-to.


I’m here for the off the shoulder trend, and also color blocking... really just the entire repetition of 90’s trends. You can always catch me in a basic skinny jean and tank because trending or not, those are my go-to.








JA: How would you describe your style?
My style is mostly chic, but I’m starting to appreciate more urban street pieces. I’ve never been a trend follower so when I pick out my ootd I tell myself, "less is more." If I had one bit of advice to fashionistas out there I'd say "wear the clothes sis, don’t let them wear you!"

JA: And last but not least let's have some fun!
Favorite clothing brand?
To wear, House of CB
Waffles or pancakes?
I’m a French Toast girl
JA: ohhh and a bit of a rebel, clearly! Favourite place you've visited?
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
Finish this sentence: "In the last year I've spent way too much money on...."
Vanilla Candles, I’m obsessed.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I plan to be a recognisable face as an international model running a chain of my brand, NVTIVE, stores world-wide, along with my other businesses. I would like to be starting a family,giving back, and living my best life-unapologetically. Don't think I forgot, this will all be while rocking my KAHMUNE shoes!


I couldn't be more excited to have Gifty on board! Follow her journey with us as part of the collective below:

Instagram: @gifty_b

Website: www.giftyb.com 

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