Important Update on our Pricing

First and foremost I have to start by saying THANK YOU. You may have just discovered our brand a few days ago or perhaps you've been part of our journey since 2016. Regardless of when you joined us, we're grateful to have you as part of The Kahmunity!

2020 was tough on all of us for so many reasons. On the production side, COVID-19 has forced our teams in Italy to make some notable changes to their policies, procedures, and in turn their pricing. 

As we move into 2021 it has unfortunately become abundantly clear that we will have to make some adjustments which is why starting March 1 you will see increases in our prices across our entire product range. As many of you have been patiently waiting for us to restock your size, we'd like to use this as an opportunity to allow you to preorder any of our out-of-stock products. From now through the end of the month, you will have the option to place your order at our current pricing. To order please email us at with Product, Heel Height, Size, and Shade. We will begin shipping orders Mid-April.

We will keep offering the same level of quality and customer service so many of you have raved about. We hope to introduce additional products that will allow us to satisfy various budgets. Free shipping and returns are here to stay and as always if you have any issues with your nudes we will replace them for you -no questions asked.  

Looking forward to continuing to redefine "nude" and make our mark on the Luxury market.



Jamela A Acheampong

Founder and CEO