April Theme: Limits

(Knowing Your) Limits

A wise woman once said:

"Think like a Queen. A Queen is not afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness."

You all may know said woman? Her name is Oprah :)I couldn't agree more with her about thinking like a Queen- we all should. She would be disappointed to learn, however, that I am scared to fail. In fact, I'm terrified. I think what's important to identify here is what we identify as failure.

April 1 marked a year since I packed up all of our nudes and left London. April 4th I held my first ever pop-up in New York and events in DC, Los Angeles, and Oakland quickly followed. I can still remember how nervous I was to debut the shoes. Given some of the events that transpired before my New York event, I should have known that all the ones that followed would be smooth sailing. If you didn't know already, this is my first business. This is also the first time I've had to learn the ropes as they pertain to importing and exporting goods. The week before my New York Event there was a delay in production that resulted in all the samples having to be shipped the day before my debut. My production manager assured me it would only take a day for the shoes to arrive. He was right. What neither of us anticipated, however, was that I had accidentally messed up the delivery address. Let's just say there were many frantic calls to the UPS headquarters. 3 hours before the event I was running up and down the streets of Manhattan chasing down the driver that had my prized possessions on board. I found him, and both the shoes and I made it to the event on time. I can look back now and laugh but things could have easily gone very differently that day. It's memories like these that make this journey that much more remarkable. 

When I reflect on that event, and even some of the ones that followed, I sometimes count them as failures. I failed to adequately prepare for any potential mishaps with the arrival of the shoes. I failed to adequately market the events to ensure that they sold out. I failed to hit my sales numbers for my first year of trading. I've failed to capture an equal audience across all my 10 shades. Yes, I've failed plenty the last 12 months. But Oprah was right, I can't help but feel that I'm on my way to greatness. I'm more motivated than ever to see Kahmune succeed and sales and brand awareness are higher than they've ever been.

But listen Kahmunity- I bit off more than I could chew. SO, as I announce the retirement of a few of our debut styles, I can't help but remain excited about all that is to come. Sadly, these will be the last few weeks that we are offering our Afua Slide, Tasha Mule, Lucy Sandals, and Kennedy flats for sale. The combination of 5 styles and 3 heel heights is a bit more than I can handle at this time. From May 1 on, we will only be offering our Becky Pumps. We will still offer all heel heights and I will also be introducing one more, 40mm/1.5inches for those of you in search of a nude shoes that's a little lower. 

I will be accepting last orders on these styles through the rest of April. If the shoe you're after is not in stock please feel free to email at orders@kahmune.com and we'll get you taken care of!

As we say goodbye to some of our old shoe styles, I'm so excited to announce our brand new tote is now available for preorder at 25% off until May 1st. Use the link below to claim one now.

As always, grateful for all of you that continue to support and follow my journey. Even more grateful if you've read this far :). I hope you will consider joining me at one of my remaining pop-up events in Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC, and Baltimore.

Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions and concerns.

All my best.

Jamela A Acheampong
Founder and Brand Director  







Our Kennedy flat may be leaving us but we're adding another heel height to the collection. Stay tuned for pre-order announcements. 

Private Shopping Parties!

My first one was a success! I hosted a private shopping event in Maryland in September and LOVED it! I think the 20 ladies that got to join the Kahmunity did as well. Check out the video of the event here: WATCH NOW. Head to THIS PAGE to start planning yours!



Hear what it's really like from one of the industry's greatest.


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Upcoming events- RSVP with the links above!

Atlanta, GA May 4
Miami, FL May 5
Washington DC May 11
Baltimore, MD May 12

Kumasi Becky x Suede
Kumasi Becky x Suede
Becky Pump 70mm
Becky Pump 70mm
Gaborone Kennedy Flat - Made To Order
Gaborone Kennedy Flat - Made To Order
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