is likely your story too.

It was February 2016. I was browsing social media when I came across a picture of Kim Kardashian in "nude" clothes and accessories. Whether you love her or hate her, most of us would be able to agree that it was an envy inducing outfit. Motivated to match it, I began searching for products to match my darker skin tone. What I quickly noticed was that the term "nude" always drew the same tan and beige results but tan and beige do not look nude against my complexion. I found it odd that I was having to search the terms "nude for dark skin" and "brown nude" when the word "nude" in itself should imply naked, regardless of the amount of melanin in one's skin. I found few undergarment options, some lipsticks and nail colours here and there, but one thing I could not find? Affordable shoes. It was in that moment that the idea for Kahmune was born as an immediate solution to the age old fallacy that "nude" refers to a specific colour. It was time for a change. It's my goal to ensure that ALL women have "nude" products that celebrate the diversity of the human complexion. I'm proud to be one of the few high-end labels offering a product that caters to all tones


Jamela A Acheampong

Founder and Brand Director