When will you be launching?

Customers will be able to order shoes directly from our site sometime in May 2017. For those who have pre-ordered our shoes, we hope to start shipping out orders before the end of May. **Shipping dates are subject to change and dependent on the production schedule of our manufacturers**

What products and sizes will be available?  Where will you deliver to?

All of our shoes will be available in sizes UK 2- 9, EU 35-42, and US 5-12.

We will initially be offering the following two styles:

Pump- Your standard, timeless, pointy-toed pump.

  • Heel height: 110 mm or 4.25 in. 
  • Composition: Nappa Leather upper, leather insole and sole

Sandal- Open-toed perfection.

  • Heel height: 115 mm or 4.50 in.
  • Composition: Nappa Leather straps, leather insole and sole

We intend to ship worldwide! Please bear in mind that we must adhere to the regulations of each individual nation and as a result can not guarantee that our product will not be exempt from various shipping policies and procedures. 

How much will your shoes retail for?

Our shoes are handmade by some of the best shoe manufacturers in Europe. Our leathers are sourced from some of the oldest tanneries in both Italy and Spain. It is very important to us that our sourcing and manufacturing are done ethically. We have met and spoken to every single person that partakes in our manufacturing process. When you buy our product, you can do so knowing that you are ensuring our manufacturers and their employees are able to maintain a healthy and consistent work-life balance. As a result, we anticipate that the price of the shoes will be between £200-£250. 



Will you be offering lower heel heights and additional styles?

Of course we will! We are just getting started. We are hoping to introduce both a sandal and a pump with a lower heel before summer. We will also be introducing 2-3 additional shoe styles so stay tuned!