February Theme: Timing


Is it just me, or is 2019 barreling by?  Can you believe it's almost March? I feel like we were all just adjusting to the new year and now we're weeks away from ushering in Spring. Happy Black History Month to our US Kahmunity! It's been quite the February for the fashion world hasn't it? Between the recent uproar over the Gucci/Prada/and now Burberry products and the return of record breaking global fashion weeks, this month will certainly go down in the books as a memorable one. Have you been following along? What's your take on everything? Regardless of where you stand, it's clear that more than ever customers are dictating what is and is not acceptable in fashion. As a result, brands need to be increasingly aware of how their products will be both perceived and received in the market. Blind consumerism is dead.

Anyone who knew me in my younger years could easily tell you I never had any problem being a leader. Anyone that has known me over the last few years could tell you how passionate I've been about turning that leadership into starting my own brand. I would happily declare my plans to: "make it to Forbes 30 under 30 list."  Although that hasn't happened (yet,) I'm so proud to share that last week Kahmune got it's first feature in Forbes Magazine!  Check out the article HERE. The timing could not have been any more perfect. This month I've been spending a lot of time focusing on branding and marketing. What kind of woman do I envision wearing Kahmune? What should the brand mean to her? Most importantly, what are my goals for the brand and what does it mean to me? For the last few weeks I've been drawing a blank on that last one. It takes an army to build a good brand, but sometimes in the process of listening to so many outside voices you forget to listen to your own. Can you believe that just this month I thought to myself "What is the point of what I'm doing. Do consumers REALLY need to have truly nude shoes?"  Yes, even after all of our press and all of our amazing customers, sometimes I doubt myself too. It's normal. The most important thing is not to give in to the doubt and to keep on pushing. 

So this month, I'm reclaiming my brand. Our new brand image is done. Our newly designed shoes and boxes are in process. A new website and new photos are in the works. Our new styles will be up for preorder in just a few short weeks. As always, I would LOVE your feedback. I've created a quick survey for you to fill out if you'd like to have a say in directing the brand over the next 12-24 months. Please let us know your thoughts below.

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YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Please take advantage of this opportunity to voice it. 

Our event schedule is here! I'm back on the road next month and will be visiting the following cities on these dates. Join us for size fitting, shade matching, and exclusive discounts.You'll also be one of the first to get your hands on our new sandal! Click the link for your city below to RSVP. Happy to revisit New York City, Los Angeles, and SF/Bay Area if I see the demand! If your city isn't listed, let us know!


We're switching up the look of our nudes. And because there's no such thing as TOO much comfort, we've added extra cushioning and a layer of memory foam. All of our shoes made as of January 2019 will contain our new padded insole for extra support. 


7 days, 7 ways.
Join me on Facebook, Instagram, and our blog on our site (HERE) every Sunday for Kahmunity52. Need some inspo for a few ways to wear your Kahmunes? Every week I'll be showing you how I style my nudes with 7 new outfits 

Private Shopping Parties!

My first one was a success! I hosted a private shopping event in Maryland in September and LOVED it! I think the 20 ladies that got to join the Kahmunity did as well. Check out the video of the event here: WATCH NOW. Head to our website to start planning yours!



Did you know about Karl Lagerfeld's more problematic views on race, body size, and gender? 


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Upcoming events- RSVP with the links above!

Orlando, FL March 10
Dallas, TX March 22
Houston, TX March 23
Austin, TX March 24
Miami, FL April 6
Chicago, IL April 13
Atlanta, GA May 4
Washington DC May 11
Baltimore, MD May 12

Kumasi Becky x Suede
Kumasi Becky x Suede
Becky Pump 70mm
Becky Pump 70mm
Gaborone Kennedy Flat - Made To Order
Gaborone Kennedy Flat - Made To Order


  • Charly

    Would love if you hosted in Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC

  • Kristi Thomas Potts

    Love the shoes. When will you be coming to the west coast? San Francisco or Sacramento would be great.

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