October Theme: Stress


That 6 letter word we're all so afraid to talk about.

I don't think I realized just how stressful starting Kahmune would be. I knew starting a new business would be a lot of work and after finding out that footwear businesses are the hardest fashion businesses to keep afloat I told myself to settle in.  The reality of the situation is that a founder can never really truly be prepared for what this journey will throw at you. Finding a manufacturer was hard but I persevered. Figuring out the most effect way to ship international orders took some time but I got that one figured out as well. Heck, even planning some of these launch events had my blood pressure going a bit. If I've learned anything about this journey it's that you have to settle in to not only the peaks but also the valleys. I have a renewed sense of commitment to riding the waves after my experience a few weeks back.

Three weeks ago I hit rock bottom. I don't know why I've been so hesitant to be so open about it but for those that don't know, or have yet to meet me, I pretty much run Kahmune on my own. I've had help here and there from interns and my family, particularly my sister, has been an amazing source of support but at the end of day 99% of the responsibilities of the brand fall on me. I oversee design, shipping, fulfillment, social media, emails you name it. I few weeks ago I got an email from a customer who said the brand seems so grown and established that she forgets its' just one woman behind it! 

For the last 2 years I've poured my blood, sweat, tears, and many a glass of wine in the name of creating a brand that includes all of us. I spent so much time and energy taking care of business, literally, that somewhere along the way I've forgotten to take care of the most important part of this business: ME. No one teaches you how to run a business and there have been many stressful points that I've excused as "part of the process." Such may be the case, but no process should ever come at the expenses of your health, physically and mentally.

I didn't get to issue a formal statement or even a post this year on World Mental health day although I wish I had as I think this is one of the first times in my life I've had to pay attention to my mental health. Kahmune has been the best thing to happen to me, but it's also made me realize how diligent we all must be when it comes to taking care of ourselves and being honest and upfront about the fact that we all need a break sometimes.  For me, mental health is not about illness as we're so often led to believe, but in actuality, just checking in on yourself and others to make sure we're doing ok. If you're wondering, I'M FINE! I took a much needed couple of days off, caught up with friends, and had firm stopping points for work each day. Though I'm feeling refreshed, I'm cognizant that I need a true break from working and have decided to award myself one this coming December holiday. With that in mind, I've got a few announcements for these last few months of 2018 below! I hope if you're read this far, and this has resonated with you in any way, that it inspires you to do what you need to take care of yourself. What are some of the ways you de-stress Kahmunity? Do you have daily, weekly, or even monthly activities or reminders to help you cope?

That' all for now! Hope your'e all well.

All my best,

Jamela A Acheampong
Founder and Brand Director 


NEW FINISHES are finally here!! PATENT & SUEDE.

All 10 Shades. 2 of our styles. (For now) Get ready because your decision of what style to buy just got even harder. Starting November 1st, you'll be able to order our pumps (all heel heights) and flats in regular nappa leather, patent, & suede!! Who's excited?

The Holidays are coming!

Thanksgiving (my favorite) is fast approaching! And Christmas and the new year will be right behind. Please note that Kahmune will not be participating in any kind of Black Friday deals this year. If you were hoping to wake up to an email on the 23rd inviting you to 50% off. SORRY. Instead, I've chosen to focus on the "giving season."

From November 1st to November 15th we will be running our "EACH ONE TREAT ONE" program where we're offering a 2 for 1 deal on all of our pumps and flats. Buy one pair for yourself, and you'll get a second pair of equal or lesser value for a friend at 20% off. 


London we're coming home!

I've neglected you. I know. But no more! Join us for our last big bash of the year. Get your tickets below!

Private Shopping Parties!

My first one was a success! I hosted a private shopping event in Maryland last month and LOVED it! I think the 20 ladies that got to join the Kahmunity did as well. Check out the video of the event here: WATCH NOW.

Why the world needs more people of color running sh**.


From NYC to Paris, some things change but others are sadly staying the same. ?


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Upcoming events

BOSTON- November 3rd
MARYLAND- November 4th
PHILADELPHIA- November 11th
LONDON- November 29th

Follow us on social media for details or Email us at info@kahmune.


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